Welcome to Stamped on Our Hearts. This blog is the start of something fresh and exciting for my Husband and I. We are semi-new to the blogosphere. Yes, we have another active blog, but it has no direction; no purpose. This blog is our reintroduction. Our fresh start. 

If you are already familiar with the blog, you’ll know the Husband does little posting while I do the majority. I don’t mind this because I like writing whereas he does not. If you aren’t familiar with us, you’ll catch on quickly.

Here you will find posts about a rather wide variety of things: cooking, baking, shopping, money, books, games, crafting, romance, and family. All things that are important to us both individually, and as a couple. You’ll be invited to share in our laughter and pain as we struggle to get healthy again. You will get a glimpse at our likes, our dislikes, our struggles, and our accomplishments.

We aren’t here to be put down, nor are we here to put anyone else down.

As far as the two of us personally…

Mid-to-late thirties. No children. Three dogs, two cats. One roommate. Marvel vs Dc. Book-reader vs gamer.

Questions? Please feel free to ask.


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