Guess who had a birthday??

That’s right, this girl! Yesterday was a spectacular day! I am now 38 years old. Officially. Considering that I’ve just been rounding up for the last 5 months or so, my first post-birthday day feels no different than my last pre-birthday day did.

Yesterday was also the start of my vacation. And yet, I haven’t really slept in so far. I woke up before 9 am both yesterday, and today. Yes, I was up by 5 at the latest all last week so it was sleeping in compared to last week. However, I’ve been known to sleep until noon or later on my days off, so this is fairly early for a voluntary rising. Oh well. I’m getting stuff done, so I don’t mind.

Now then, let me update you on the challenge I recently presented myself and my husband. That link was day one, so this is officially day 17. What’s been done? Zip. Zero. Zilch. OHMYGOD!!! I’m so lazy. I’m human. What’s going to get done today about it? Likely nothing again. For a refresher, here is that list:

  1. Clean out files – I am going to sit down and actually go through everything in our filing cabinet, shredding what we no longer need.
  2. Complete Household Binder. That open binder is mine, in all of its disarrayed glory. That link will take you to one of my inspirations. Mine won’t be a replica because some things don’t apply to us.
  3. Clean out mail. Seriously. I have mail from 6 months ago. Why? Part of this will involve a multi-sectioned filing system at the door – one for each roommate, while another part will involve specific trays of “To-be” and “Already” Paid.
  4. Color code the folders in my filing cabinet. You know, once I get them pared down to only what I need.
  5. Get rid of books. I have a Kindle app and over 1000 books in my Kindle Cloud, yet I occasionally still buy a paperback from the used book store. And the pile up. And up. And up. Time to make a trip to the library to donate some books!
  6. Put up wall shelves. Something like these Rubbermaid Closets from Lowes. Not exactly, but similar. The system I like is around $200. That’s just not in my immediate budget.
  7. Decide where to put the black shelf we have in here right now. It’s a junk collector.
  8. Complete dusting of the room. For the longest, the Husband did all the cleaning but he’s not a duster. So, it’s time to catch up – and stay caught up. Our allergies will thank us.
  9. Make a budget. Yes, this is part of organizing the office. Absolutely.
  10. Update or cancel Mint.  We used this free service at one point or another. Unfortunately, we no longer have the account it is tied to, so each week I get updates about an inactive accounts. It’s a great service. And free. That definitely fits within our budget!
  11. Clean off book shelf. This will go hand in hand with putting up those wall shelves as then I can truly have a place for everything.

What’s going to get done tomorrow? Definitely item number 1.

Wait. Stop. Mark your calendars. I just realized I did actually complete item number two, so I’ve crossed it off our list. YAY!

I also got a new purse yesterday. On clearance. For $20. I mean, it was a birthday gift from my mother, but still. I squee at the thought of this gorgeousness for just $20.

I know, I haven’t been around here much lately. I apologize. I’ve picked knitting back up and I’m going to be doing some needlepoint works – and I hope to buy a specific sewing machine soon.

Life is good.