Yeah, we’re at it again. The Spidergirl and Her Boy Wonder blog is currently still active, although we aren’t sure for how much longer. We took some time off, sampled Blogger, and decided a completely fresh start would do us wonders.

Occasionally, things need a fresh start. This is our space. Our judgment free space. We aren’t naive by any means. We just don’t want all the negativity in our lives that comes with judgment of others.

Perhaps I’m a little backward since fall, and the coming winter, are generally associated with the death of nature and living things around us, but to me fall is a perfect time for renewal. (It could be because I’m a fall baby. Who knows.)

I know that the Husband and I aren’t the best conversationalists. He almost never posts, and I tend to ramble. It’s OK. We aren’t here for fame and glory. We’re here for ourselves. Thank you for joining our mad ride. We hope you’ll enjoy.